Price List (subject to change)

Shed Price List

Exterior Dimensions
6x8 $1725.00
8x8 $1995.00
8x10 $2225.00
8x12 $2575.00
10X12 $2975.00
10X16 $3450.00
10X20 $3900.00
12X12 $3650.00
12X16 $3975.00
12X18 $4225.00
14X14 $3975.00
14X16 $4325.00
All Sheds come standard with (1) 4ft opening
(2) 2ft wood doors, concrete foundation blocks
or 4x6 pressure treated skids, and 30 year
composition roofing. Custom sizes available.


Extra Windows $150-400
Extra Side Wall Height per 5” Course $100-300
Front Porch with Railing $500-1400
Floor/Ceiling Insulation $200-1600
Metal Roofing $400-3600
Shelves $100-300
French Doors $650-750
Loft with Railing and Ladder $600-2600
Murphy Bed(s) $1000-1200
Other custom options available.

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