Price List (subject to change)

Cabin Price List

Exterior Dimensions with overhang
8x8x4 $2950.00
8x10x4 $3350.00
8x12x4 $4100.00
10x12x4 $4850.00
12x12x4 $5850.00
12x16x4 $6850.00
14x14x6 $6950.00
14x16x4 $7650.00
16x14x6 $8925.00
20X16x4 $12,550.00
All Cabins come standard with (1) 3x3 window and
(1) 36” door, concrete foundation blocks
or 4x6 pressure treated skids and 30 year
composition roofing. Custom sizes available.

Custom Options Price List

Extra Windows $150-400
Extra Side Wall Height per 5” Course $100-300
Front Porch with Railing $500-1400
Floor/Ceiling Insulation $200-1600
Metal Roofing $400-3600
Shelves $100-300
French Doors $650-750
Loft with Railing and Ladder $600-2600
Murphy Bed(s) $1000-1200
Other custom options available.

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